Monday, October 16, 2006

Some Fruit

I've been quiet for a while, but I've been starting to see some fruit from the 2.0 fad -- and it has very little to do with Youtube.

The whole thing went overboard. More hype than it deserved, and the hype seem to spoil the promise.

But I stumbled across finetune today. I started to realize the power of consumer distribution and how consumer interaction is shaping business models. Sign up and take it for a spin. This is the first service that I think might kill online radio as we know it...

Regardless, this puppy is about interactive programming. Its beyond Launchcasts invisible hand. Its at your fingertips, and directly under your control. Playlists are active and moldable, but not required. You can listen to other people's stuff, or stuff it picks based on a single artist.

The thing that caught my attention is that it forces you to extend your network of artists or songs. Only 3 songs per artist on any playlist, and you can't play a playlist until you have about 60 songs. But there is a Lazy button. Push it and you get a rotation. finetune picks the rest for you.

THESE ARE AD PLACEMENTS. People are lazy. They will accept the engine's choices because it takes too damn long to pick 60 songs (I did at least). That's available inventory. Its almost like product placements, but you get the product itself. Skip the ad, don't need a tag line. Qualified people get your content and get exposed to your business. And the consumer gets relevent 'marketing.'

The idea extends well beyond music. That's just one form of content. Its another form of the ad game. But its a different content game that favors serial publication. You have to be refreshing your offering frequently to build the business.


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