Saturday, March 11, 2006

NBC Video Posts

There is a fairly heated argument going on on A VC. Fred is supportive of NBC's move in an early post yesterday. They are showing signs of 'getting it'. Own the content, but leverage emerging social media to realize additional benefits... chunk it, free it.

But in a subsequent post on the topic, Fred stirs the pot a little bit with an atta-boy to a guy who hacked the NBC source so the video would play on his site instead of NBCs. That set off some sparks -- at least with one person.

Its a good point/coutner on the topic. You should check it out if you didn't see it. And check back in if you did...

My opinion: This is an open-minded move on NBCs part. They still have to dig a little deeper to make this strategic and tactical. I tend to agree with Fred that it would actually be encouraging to see an ad associated with the clips. It would signal that its more than defensive branding.


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