Friday, December 30, 2005

"People are Lazy"

I can't keep from comming back to this Kedrosky post on the flawed thinking behind structured blogging: Structured Blogging Will Flop:

Darn it all, techno utopians are so cute. Nevertheless, structured blogging — the over-ballyhooed idea that people will post to their blogs using different forms depending on what they’re posting — is going to be a flop. It’s the usual three reasons I trot out repeatedly to technologists with utopian visions who want to change the world on the back of altered user behavior:

* People are lazy
* People are lazy
* People are lazy

The same goes for all of this feed/tag/reader stuff. I don't want to have to tag all of this stuff. I want other people to do it for me. I don't want to even have to subscribe to anything.

I want the blogger/reader tagging, trackback, technorati diaspora to figure all of this crap out for me and present me with relevence. Simple. That's it. I don't want to ever have to look for anything again.

Only need two main nav links in the interface: More Mainstream & More Obscure. Add a management console that allows you to tune your tastes, build cluster groups and I'm done.

I'll never have to read javascript or HTML, or jack around with RSS, XML, Feedburner. I'll have the fringe pushed to me, to whatever extent and direction is comfortable for me, and the ability to optimize my own experience without having to become a software developer.


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