Friday, December 09, 2005

Mass Media & Micromedia Economies

I followed my nose through A VC to Bubblegeneration run by a guy Umair Haque (who I can't seem to find out much about).

On the site he has posted a presentation reviewing the changing economies of Media. Interesting observations, and at least a little economic logic to support some of the web 2.0 Hype. Nothing like a little analytic rigor to get me bought in.

There a couple of specific concepts (nothing new) that are particularly helpful to my quest to figure out the opportunities in this shift. First is a break out of the basic Media market (sorry about the crap graphics)

And the value chain that delivers the goods:

In the mass media world, Haque goes on to describe how the economics favor investment in Attention at the expense of Production due to relative scarcity along the value chain. Basically, while Attention is scarce, it is not nearly as scarce as infrastructure, production, and all of the other things in the value chain.

The Mass Media space is essentially driven by these economies.

The Haque posits his view of how the Micromedia economy forms around these same concepts, and how the relative scarcity of Production vs. Attention changes everything. Worth a read (or maybe two or three)


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