Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Full Circle...

Wow, Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the WWW and one of the Time 100) has started a blog as of this past Monday. He always said the reason for the web was to provide the general population the ability to share (self-publish). I was always interested in why he had not been a big Blog guy and why he was not pushing this technology and the associated technologies (i.e. RSS).

From his first post on his blog:

'In 1989 one of the main objectives of the WWW was to be a space for sharing information. It seemed evident that it should be a space in which anyone could be creative, to which anyone could contribute. The first browser was actually a browser/editor, which allowed one to edit any page, and save it back to the web if one had access rights.'

Talk about full circle, this is it. Now Tim actually is a part of the revolution and is an active part of it. This is important because he is one of the first people to really see this potential. Now, don't get me wrong, he has been publishing technical notes and ideas online for 20 year, just in the more traditional form of online publication.

Anyway, this is an interesting day. It shows that we are coming full circle, and we are going to start to see some of the original theories and ideas come back. We are going to start to see more grassroots efforts that pay off. We are going to see technology and companies reinvent themselves. The technology is more advanced, the developers are more advanced, the business environment is more advanced, but most importantly, the everyday consumer is much more advanced!

Welcome to Web 2.0 Tim!


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