Monday, January 30, 2006

Some diversionary posts

I've run across some old digital scribblings, some of which are hauntingly familiar. I didn't really know I had these and don't really remember putting them down. I guess this was an early digital log of mine. I'm going to post a few of them. So much of this stuff is on paper, but I guess I have some digital stuff, too.

At some point, this stuff turned from bleary-eyed pulls at the poetry bong to something that attempted to be lyrics (I learned the guitar in the early 90s). This puppy from October 1999 is somewhere in between:

Create & compete

Analyze & evaluate
Decide and act.
There’s nothing but politics in the way…and you will win.
See all, feel pressure and let go
No solution lacks simplicity
No error lacks intention
No agreement lack misunderstanding.

It’s found without.
Strength conviction and genius through Quality
Comes only in completion:
Scope perspective actors and aggravations
See me, me, and me see you, him, her and them (the motherfuckers)
Doubt question pick and pry.
Without for within…and you will win.


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