Friday, January 27, 2006

Mainstreet will never know RSS

There was a post yesterday on Feld Thoughts about phasing out My.Yahoo. He's basically ditching his longtime personalized homepage for a FeedReader-based start up. He's doing this in part as a way to filter out the distracting noise of the news -- mainly stock market chatter after a read of Fooled By Randomness.

I find this funny because the book had the same effect on me, but to different effect. I actually got reengaged with my yahoo for the first time in ages, using RSS to steadily purge the noise in favor of thought provoking feeds.

Today, A VC discussed the topic, and came out on my end of the experience (I think). Though he's clearly a bigger feedhead than I am and requires software for some purposes.

The most interesting part was in the comments, where I seem to find all of the best material. Mike Orren's reply lays it out clearly:
Friends, in the rest of the country, in the heart of middle America, in major metropolitan markets, there are people: smart people, even VC's and merchant bankers who have NEVER HEARD of RSS. Even worse are those who pretend to grok it but have never used it, even in the context of My Yahoo.

And consumer adoption is almost as bad.

If there is one bit of Media 2.0 hubris (and I'm guilty of many others) that needs to die, it's the notion that RSS feeds are the mass-market editors of 2006.

Don't get me wrong-- I believe a media of ultimate customization is nigh. But most people are lazy. And even lazy people buy stuff. Yahoo! and others who cater to them are going to rake it in.

..Cheers Mike, whoever you are.


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