Sunday, January 29, 2006


If you are new to this thread (as anyone would be because I'm the only reader -- I like to rehash my notes, ya know), there is a great post on Publishing 2.0 that will serve as a quick catch-up on where all of this RSS, blog, edge, peer, feed discussion stands today.

This piece seems to join a quietly growing chorus of folks starting to focus on the everyday user. Paramount to this trend is the observation that most of the people in the discussion are hyper-users of this technology. Its starting to crystilize that what works for them may not work at all for the everyday email & trade photos public out there.

The implication: The easy-geek that is web2.0 today has scale limits. The economics of web2.0 are about to excert some force on the technology. Either is will adapt to a form more fit for broad scale adoption, or it will settle in a a niche technology.


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