Thursday, December 01, 2005

R/W Media Hits your TV

Blogs have changed my approach to reading content online, completely pushing "traditional media" our of my line of site... Will the same thing happen to how I consume Video?

Will the networks keep content dominance due to their production infrastructure? or will indy production catch up as technology proliferates? Probably a little of both. But it doesn't really matter. Its the distribution network that matters (the Media is the Message).

In a R/W video environ -- just as in the text or podcast eviron -- the challenge will be content consolidation. How do you deliver, or suggest, content that people would like?

There are a couple of good examples here (and this is really nothing new):

'Push' based on Market Research: Mass Media
Get specific info from the user: Search
Get user input on tastes: Y! LaunchCast
Let users self-select: Social networks

There are draw backs to each approach... I'll cover these and the implications in later posts.

The point here is that people consume video differently than text, and there any dislocation will be different. It is much more of a push media that will require a certain degree of bundling to accomidate the more passive nature of video entertainment.

The social network model will be weak as a model for how this dislocation will happen, and where the opportunities will be.


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